Davis Film Strips

These images were made available through the generosity of Mrs. Davis, the daughter of Thurmont Dentist, Dr. Swearingen. When Mrs. Davis offered to let me see the images she thought they were short movies but as it turned out they are a collection of over 350 individual photos copied onto 16mm film strips. These film strips were made by Fellows-Rogers Studio in Frederick from individual photographs. The images contained in the Davis Film Strip album were scanned from the 16MM film strips and several show the sprocket holes on the edges of the frames.

There is a wide range of subject matter from family images to pictures from several parades, aerial views of Thurmont, views of Frederick, Thurmont Lions Club and general street scenes. Mrs. Davis was not sure of the original source for all the pictures but she was certain that the majority were from her family or from close family friends.

This is the entire collection of images and there are a few repeat images showing slight changes in a similar scene. Most of the pictures are very clear considering that they are scans of very small frames, but you will find several double exposures and others that are out of focus. I thought it best to keep all the images regardless of any repeats or defects. 

My sincere thanks go to Mrs. Davis for allowing me to scan these and make them available for viewing.


Davis Film Strips

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