Pryor Family Photographs

These photos were provided by Theresa Pryor Kohl and are of her family and the Thurmont area when they lived in Thurmont. Theresa's Grandfather Bill Pryor, Sr. and her father Bill Pryor, Jr. owned the Antique and Cabinet Shop located at the corner of Carroll Street at East Main Street. Her grandparents lived in a bungalow on Carroll Street Extended and she was born in her parents home on Carroll Street extended. As a small child, Theresa attended Saint Anthony's School at St. Anthony's and she has contacted several of her school and neighborhood friends to catch up on life. Her father was a partner with Harold Williard in the East End Service Station for sevral years. Theresa's mother moved her and her sister away from Thurmont in the mid-1950's and she has been living in Illinois for many years. In May of 2019, Theresa came back to Thurmont for the first time since she moved away, she visited with old friends and reacquainted herself with her home town. She says that Thurmont has grown considerably since she moved away but she still recognizes several landmarks.


There is a separate collection of letters from her father to his parents while he served during World War II. 

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