C. R. R. Beck Glass Plate Negatives

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The images in this album are scanned from glass negatives attributed to C. R. R. Beck. There is a full version of each image showing the entire glass plate. Following many of the images are enlarged sections of the original as well as a few images showing notes in Charlies own handwriting describing the images. Charlie Beck operated a photo and postcard shop on East Main Street. Beck's images amount to the best collection of early images we have of Thurmont. Many of the Beck images appear as (...)

Mrs. Ethel Crawford slide collection.

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I just uploaded a couple of hundred slides taken by Ethel Crawford in the late 1950's through the early 1970's. Mrs. Crawford was a long time teacher at the Thurmont High School and is remembered by many as a sweet teacher. But then there was "Oscar", a paddle that many of us came in contact with for a variety of reasons. The majority are of school children in class and outdoors. She also had several slides showing views of the downtown. To view these images go to (...)

Getting back to normal, August 11, 2017

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After two years struggling to sort out damages caused by a hacker I have managed to retrieve most of the original content of the site and will be working over the next few weeks to republish the captions and key words for the images in the album. Your patience during this time has been appreciated and it will be rewarded with many new photos! John A. Kinnaird