Ox Fiber Brush 002 RuthP
Ox Fiber Brush 003 RuthP
Ox Fiber Brush 004 RuthP
Palmer, Gordon 001 RuthP
Palmer, Gordon 002 RuthP
Palmer, Gordon and Carrie Eaton 001 RuthP
Palmer, Sadie and Stella 001 RuthP
Pen Mar 003 RuthP
Pen Mar High Rock 001 RuthP
Pen Mar Station 001 RuthP
Pen Mar Station 002 RuthP
Picnic Pavilion 001 RuthP
Picnic Pavilion 002 RuthP
Report Card 001 RuthP
Report Card 002 RuthP
Resevior 001 RuthP
Resevior 002 RuthP
Resevior 003 RuthP
Rice Family 001 RuthP
Rice Farm 001 RuthP
Rice Farm 002 RuthP
Rice Home 001 RuthP
Rice Home 002 RuthP
Rice, Anna May 001 RuthP
Rice, Bertie 001RuthP

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