The images in this album are scanned from glass negatives attributed to C. R. R. Beck. There is a full version of each image showing the entire glass plate. Following many of the images are enlarged sections of the original as well as a few images showing notes in Charlies own handwriting describing the images. Charlie Beck operated a photo and postcard shop on East Main Street. Beck's images amount to the best collection of early images we have of Thurmont. Many of the Beck images appear as postcards published by Beck, Rogers or Cassell and can be found scattered through out this collection.  C. R R. Beck seems to be a mystery since no one can identify where he came from or where he went after leaving Thurmont. Please note that the order in which these images are named and displayed is not an indication of the order in which they were taken. My sincere thanks to the Thurmont Historical Society for allowing me the opportunity to scan the original glass plates and to display them here.

BK 153 Stream
BK 154 Main Street
BK 155 Horse and Rider
BK 155B Horse and Rider
BK 156 Businessmen
BK 156B Businessmen
BK 157 Gall & Smith
BK 157 Weybright's Store
BK 157B Weybright's Store
BK 157C Weybright's Store
BK 158 Saint John's Lutheran Church
BK 159 Reapers
BK 159B Reapers
BK 159C Reapers
BK 159D Reapers
BK 160 IOOF Building
BK 161 Group at Town Hall
BK 162 Family
BK 162B Family
BK 163 Civil War Veteran Parade
BK 164 Young Man and Dog
BK 165 Harriet Chapel
BK 166 Panoramic View of Thumont
BK 166 Panoramic VIew of Thurmont
BK 166B Panoramic View of Thumont

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