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Creagerstown Children Oct 1938 - Copy
Creagerstown Church H085
Creagerstown Dr Devilbiss 001A
Creagerstown Dr Devilbiss 001B
Creagerstown Fair Ticket 001
Creagerstown Fire 1914 001 RuthP
Creagerstown Fire H060
Creagerstown Group of Men 001 JAK
Creagerstown Group of Sunday School Classes 001
Creagerstown H081
Creagerstown H082
Creagerstown Henry Havner & Horse
Creagerstown Henry Havner - Horse
Creagerstown Iron Bridge H083
Creagerstown Junior Choir 1937
Creagerstown Junior Choir 1938
Creagerstown Lutheran Church H084
Creagerstown Old Lutheran Church 001
Creagerstown Postcard JAK 001A
Creagerstown Postcard JAK 001B
Creagerstown Postcard JAK 001C
Creagerstown Reformed Church 001
Creagerstown Robert Springer Sr
Creagerstown Scene 001 RuthP
Creagerstown School 1898