Images of the Western Maryland Railroad in and around Thurmont. Be sure to have a look at the images of the Western Maryland Railroad Historic Society Museum as well as the miscellaneous WMRR images form other locations along the line.
Train Station 017 JAK
Train Station 018 JAK
Train Station 019 JAK
Train Station 020 JAK
Train Station 021 JAK
Train Station 022 JAK
Train Station H007
Train Station H009
Train Station H011
Train Station H012
Train Station H061
Train Wreck 001
Train Wreck 002
Train Wreck 003
Train Wreck 004
WMRR 1885 Chase Stereo View 001A JAK
WMRR 1885 Chase Stereo View 001B JAK
WMRR Agent Letterhead 001 JAK
WMRR Bridge 001
WMRR Carpentry Shop 001 JAK
WMRR Carpentry Shop 002 JAK
WMRR Carpentry Shop 003 JAK
WMRR Conductor 001A GWW
WMRR Conductor 001B GWW
WMRR Conductor 002A GWW

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