Philips Delight School 1955 007A
Philips Delight School 1955 008A
Roddy Road Covered Bridge Durrick RPP 001A JAK
Roddy Road Covered Bridge Durrick RPP 001B JAK
Rte 15 Scenery 001A JAK
Rte 15 Scenery 001B JAK
Rte 77 Scenery 001 THS
Sandy Hole 001
Sandy Hole 002 AG
Sandy Hole E008
Sandy Hole H068
Second Sandy Hole 001
Shamrock Robbed The News 04-28-1971 JAK 001
Table Rock 001 JAK
Table Rock 001B JAK
Wilhide Bridge 001 THS
Wilhide Bridge 002 THS
Wolf Rock Durick RPP 001A JAK
Wolf Rock Durick RPP 001B JAK
Wolf Rock H067
Zentztown 001 AG
Zentztown 002 THS

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