Appolds School 1909
Appolds School 1909B
Detour Bridge and Mill H087
Detour House 001A
Detour House 001B
Detour House 001C
Detour Iron Bridge 001 DB
Detour Iron Bridge H086
Detour Street Scene 001A DB
Detour Street Scene 001B DB
Greeting Card 001A JAK
Greeting Card 001B JAK
Group Unknown 001
Monocacy Church of the Brethren 001A JAK
Monocacy Church of the Brethren 001B JAK
Mt Tabor Anniversary 1925
Poole Property Sale Receipt 001 SB
Rocky Ridge School 1925
Rocky Ridge WM Station 001 JAK
Rocky Ridge WM Station 002
Singer Ad 001A JAK
Singer Ad 001B JAK
Singer Ad 001C JAK
Singer Ad 001D JAK

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