These are images and documents provided for display by Denny Black of Thurmont.  Denny is an avid collector of local history including milk bottles, postcards, advertising items, and documents. My sincere thanks to Denny for allowing these images to be displayed here.

Auburn Farm 002 DB
Auburn Farm 002B DB
Auburn Farm 003 DB
Baseball Score Card 1948 001A DB
Baseball Score Card 1948 001B DB
Baseball Team 007A DB
Baseball Team 008A DB
Baseball Team 008B DB
Blacksmith Shop 001A DB
Blacksmith Shop 001B DB
Blacksmith Shop 002 DB
Boy Scout Camp 001-A DB
Boy Scout Camp 001-B DB
Bucks Place 001A DB
Bucks Place 001B DB
Camp Cozy 009A DB
Camp Cozy 009B DB
Camp Cozy 010A DB
Camp Cozy 010B DB
Camp Cozy 010C DB
Camp Peniel 002A DB
Camp Peniel 002B DB
Camp Peniel 003A DB
Camp Peniel 003B DB
Camp Peniel 004A DB

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