Photos of the Frederick area including Libertytown.
Frederick Military Parade 1945

Frederick Military Parade 1945

These photos were provided by Arthur Harpold...

American Foundry and Manufacturing Co 001
Automotive Industrial 001A
Automotive Industrial 001B
Bernies Used Cars
Birely Brothers Wholesale Grocers 001 JAK
Bowers Lumber Co 001
Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church 001 JAK
Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church 001B JAK
Central Garage Invoice 001 SB
City Opera House 001
Colt and Dixon Canning Co 001
Delphey Sports Store 001
Eberts Ice Cream 001 JAK
Economy Silo and Manufacturing Co 001
Fire Pumper H097
Fire Truck H096
Francis Scott Key Monument 001 JAK
Francis Scott Key Monument 001B JAK
Francis Scott Key Monument 002A BuzzM
Francis Scott Key Monument 002B BuzzM

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